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This area is a growing resource related to bonsai. You'll find all kinds of information here, and we invite you to submit more material.


Articles and Essays
On this page you will find a wealth of information on all aspects of growing, caring for, and designing your bonsai. Some articles will be aimed at relative newcomers to the art. Others will have more advanced growers in mind. Everyone should be able to find some worth in almost everyting on these pages.

Many of these articles were written specifically for the IBC. Other material is reproduced (with permission) from other bonsai publications and web pages. Some of it was formally housed in our FAQ -- the list of Frequently Asked Questions that is aimed at those who have just discovered bonsai -- found elsewhere in this Knowledge Base.

We hope these articles and essays will continue to grow and expand, making the IBC Knowledge Base one of the first places bonsaiests look for information on the World Wide Web. Please feel free to submit articles or to suggest new topics.

Ask the Doctor
From this page, you can ask Dr. Shishkoff advice about your tree. Please make sure to look for a potential answer on one of the following pages. Once you have ascertained that the problem is not covered by these pages, please go on to our diagnosis form.

Step by step classes to create or maintain your bonsai.
A brief explanation of some common Japanese and horticultural terms.