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We have received a few complaints about the posting of images scanned from magazines and/or books. This infringes on copyright law and the IBC, the site, and me (as the webmaster) can be held liable.


Refrain from posting such material unless you have express permission from the image owner. Posts with such material are likely to be removed, and posters warned. If repeated abuse happens, as much as I hate it, we'll have to restrict your posting privileges.


Thank you for your cooperation

Apologizing for posting a copyright picture does NOT excuse you from any liability. It is, however, an admission of guilt.


Announcing where the picture comes from doesn't either -- and may even increase your liability since you are declaring beforehand that you deliberately copied it from a publication that is copyright in its entirety (AND, remember, the authors of each article also retain copyright by international law).

If you want this gallery to stay around, I'd suggest that you only post pictures for which YOU own all rights. You, the gallery (to the extent that it has any assets to go after), and the gallery administrator ALL are liable if (or rather, when) someone takes exception.

The bonsai community, worldwide, is small enough that owners of photographs of masterwork trees are bound to hear of their unlawful use eventually.


I don't believe that any use of pictures taken from magazines, brochures, posters, announcements, advertisement, other websites, etc. in this forum falls under the "fair use" exception to the copyright laws, no matter how liberally you interpret it.