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Propagation - GRAFTING

Grafting has long been used to join parts of one plant to another, in order to combine the relative strengths of both. Poor growers can be grafted onto stronger rootstock. Plants that cannot be induced to root from cuttings can be grafted onto an easily grown seedling stock. Old trees such as Prunus can be rejuvenated by grafting in new branches. New varieties can be secured from Witches Brooms. Faulty specimens can have new branch structures built onto the framework.

Propagation - LAYERING

One of the most reliable methods for propagating material for bonsai is by layering. It is almost foolproof. Layers can be taken from many plants that are difficult from cuttings. You can even layer from a mature bonsai that you wish to redesign. This gives you two or more plants that are "instant bonsai". Another advantage is that a dramatic flare of many fine, radially spread roots is produced. This allows you to choose from this website and which roots will be allowed to develop into the ideal nebari, by eliminating any that are unnecessary or badly placed.

Propagation - CUTTINGS (A Chip Off The Old Block)

Taking cuttings produces genetically identical plants. It is therefore of great benefit for the propagation of species that easily hybridise or varieties that revert. It's also faster than raising plants from seed, especially when larger, semi-hardwood, hardwood or trunk cuttings can be rooted.



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